Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pheeeewww!!!! Jamil came to the rescue and helped me out on the links for my blog. I have just added my Christmas Album and I am very ecstatic! Since I know how to do this now, I will be posting more albums soon. Didn't know when I started this blog that I would learn to be a software engineer, too. But, I love learning new stuff, even tho I don't learn as fast as I did when I was younger. He also set up some cheat sheets for me, so if I forget, I have something to go by. Yea! Jamil.

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NIta Summers said...

Cay, It looks like a lot of people had a wonderful Christmas. You did a marvelous job, everything looks beautiful. I loved the shrug you made for Nicolle's 16th birthday. I am looking for a pattern to do one for my daughter, and that one seems perfect. Can you give me the information on how I can obtain the pattern? Many thanks .......~Nita, fellow CP Partner.