Monday, February 01, 2010

Heart Shaped Afghan

Periodically someone on CP is looking for a heart shaped baby ghan.  Hard to believe that no one has ever designed one.  So, I decided to be a hero and do one.  Unh!  I have looked for and printed every rendition of crocheted heart shapes I can find, as a starting point for an afghan;  bookmarks, pillows, sachets, potholders, dishcloths, whatever I could find.
These all work great to a point, then as it gets bigger, it morphs into something that only vaguely resembles a heart.  I have been playing with this for a couple of weeks, and am no closer now than when I started.
But--don't give up!  I'm not.  I'm sure I can't get anything done before Valentine's this year, but I'm going to keep trying.  Nothing like a challenge.  Right?


River Glorious said...

Good luck, Cay!

Anonymous said...

I too, have been trying to crochet a heart shaped afghan. I started with a pillow pattern from a book I had, then am trying to crochet around that, the issue I am having is the upper point, how far did you get, was this where you got stuck too?
Let me know if you have any luck and I will do the same.
Nancy T ( in Motana )

Kath said...

Can't wait to see!