Thursday, May 06, 2010

And the winner is:

drum roll please- JD from St Louis
I liked the Tabard part of JD's suggestion, so kept looking for the other part.  Finally, after studying the history of this garment, decided this is a classic timeless piece.  So, please welcome to my pattern line, Timeless Tabard.
I will have the pattern in my Ravelry store within the next day or two. Thanks to all who helped me find a name.


jd said...

the tabard is so pretty! glad i helped you name it.

jd in st louis

cay said...

As soon as I get healthy again, I need to send you a copy of the pattern. I think it still needs some formatting, but I've been in bed for over a week with a bad respiratory infections. Started with allergies. Any way! Pattern coming your way!