Monday, October 24, 2011


That's right!  I have no WIPS!  I've have been working diligently trying to get them all done.  I have had a couple of baby ghans sitting around here for a couple of years.  There always seems to be something that has to be done, or some new pattern or method that catches my attention.  So, after we moved last year, and I unearthed all these WIPS, I vowed I would get them all done.  And I have! Feels kind of strange not to have a least one incomplete project sitting around.
Teddyghan is done. I used several different shades of pink to complete her.  This little ghan will be donated to Project Linus.
During our garage sale the first of the month, I met a local member of Crochet Partners.  Cheri showed me the Diagonal Fans stitch that she had seen online in one of her groups.  I was fascinated.  So Cheri shared her notes on how to do this stitch pattern.  After I finished the above ghan, I gave this a try.  So pretty!  I started with WW yarn, but that was just too thick and heavy.  So, I switched to some baby yarn that I had in my stash and an F hook.  Much better.  Of course, I had to turn it into an 8" square so it can go into the comfortghan project.

WIPs completed does not mean the project tub is empty-there are plenty more things to crochet here at Cayscrafts.  And the list seems to get things added to it each week.  

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