Friday, February 10, 2006

I am so computer challenged, sometimes. I couldn't remember how to get to this blog so I could post more. Duh! Well, I finally figured it out-how many ways can there be? Zillions!!
Since the holidays, I have finished 2 baby afghans.

The striped with the cars for border was done for my girlfriend Margaret's 4th grandbaby. It is done from a Mile A Minute pattern. I used Caron Simply Soft Brites yarn.

The pink ABC's afghan was done for the new baby girl of one the ladies I work with-This pattern was a graph and my old tired eyes were having such a hard time reading it, that I converted the whole thing to an excel spreadsheet. It is made from Lion Pound of Love in Bubblegum-Had a tough time finding 2 skeins in the same dye lot.

I also whipped up a couple of chairs pads so if you come to visit, I can just grab them off and you won't have to sit on all that cat hair. With 4 cats, it is impossible to control the hair.

And I am now working on dresser scarfs and doilies for myself. The old ecru that I did years ago just doesn't go in my yellow/gold and red room, so the new ones are a soft yellow/maize color.

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Anonymous said...

Love the color of this ABC afghan. I made one in white not even thinking of using another color. Thanks for sharing. You have some lovely items. Ginger