Sunday, February 26, 2006

I see so many neat things on other peoples blogs, like a place to post picture albums, etc. So I have downloaded some software that is supposed to help me do that here. Sometimes I get very frustrated trying to do these things, because the logic of software engineers escapes me! And they write really s----y instructions. They expect everyone knows what they know- Not so! Some of us need step by step instructions- Connect the Dots, so to say. It's 12:10 pm. Let's see how long it takes me.
Well, 20 minutes later, computer in a loop, going nowhere! So, abort! that process and try something else. 1:05 pm-I've had it for today! Maybe another day it will work out better. Or may have to call in the big guns, my friend Jameil. He knows everything there is to know about this stuff.

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