Thursday, July 06, 2006

State Fair
Got both my entries for the Fair completed, blocked and in the mail. They had to be there by 7/7, so I mailed them off Monday using priority mail. I can drive to Sacramento in about 2 hours, so they should be there in plenty of time. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to photo them before they had to go.
I was helping Chelo move to Benicia this weekend and ended up spending the night at her new place becuz I was too tired to drive home. And by the time I got home, and got my things blocked, I had lost the light to take decent photos, so will have to get them either at the fair, or when they come home.The fair doesn't start until 8/11, so I guess I have a month to wait and see if they were accepted. That's the hard part.
I told Penny a couple of days ago, that it seems strange not to be crocheting up against a deadline. I have done a couple of baby afghans and other presents, and then the fair. Now, maybe I can finish my dresser scarf for ME before I start the next round of gifts for Xmas.

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