Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pineapple & Pinwheel Doily

Finally finished it! Started last fall as part of the set for my bedroom. But--it got set to the side to do Xmas gifts, and I finally got back to it. It was almost done. I had the url for the doily posted here, but apparently its not working now. Will see if I can find out how to post it. I'm sure this person is on CP, so I'll put out a request for address.OK! found it, thanks to one of our Crochet Partners. I used the link and it worked.

Seems like I have posted a lot recently, but some of these things are things that were started and they just all came together in a short period of time. Yea! Love to move things from WIP to FO.

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Karen said...

That's really lovely!