Friday, July 13, 2007

Good News, Bad News
First, the good news. Yesterday I was checking the site for the Santa Clara County Fair. Needed to find out how to get there (was only there once, and I wasn't driving), what time to make deliveries, etc. Notice for the 1st time, big notice that entries have to be picked up after the fair on a Monday (work day) between 9 am and 4 pm (working hours). S--t! Penny and I both have entries in, and it is about a 70 mile round trip to San Jose. I don't want to take a day off work to pick this stuff up, and it's not fair to Penny to ask her to do it alone. That's a lot of driving for her with her bad knees. Trying to figure out the good news here? Well, here it comes. I emailed the contact people at the fair, and they emailed me right back that they would be there until at least 6:30 and could make other arrangements if necessary. I got my return email in less than 1 hour! I am so pleased. Really didn't want to abandon this fair.
Now, the bad news! I totally screwed up the entry date for the San Mateo County Fair. I have it on 3 different calendars as 7/16 when in reality is was 7/11. Didn't realize this until late yesterday when emailing w/Peter regarding our upcoming Guild meeting. Double S--t! First, I mislead Peter about the date, and now we'll never know if the Stained Glass afghan could have won the Triple Crown (3 blue ribbons). I had gotten such rave reviews on the Barbados Tee that I was thinking about entering it, as I had noticed there weren't many wearables in the other fairs this year.
Lessons Learned. Speak up! The fair was more than willing to help me out when they knew I had a problem with their stated hours.
Check, Check, Check those websites for the dates. This is the first time I was ever able to enter more than 1 fair, so it was a whole new juggling act for me. But you can bet I will be more careful next year.

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