Monday, July 09, 2007

Pics as Promised

First we have the sling bag that I made a couple of months ago. I have never been crazy about this style of bag, but loved the pattern so had to try it. I even lined it and put pockets in the lining for my cell phone and wallet.

I just finished this last night. It is made corner to corner, or diaganol stitch. It's lined and this time I used iron on interfacing to give it a little more omph! Used it today, and this style is much more me.

And last but not least--the Barbados tee with me in it. We were almost out of daylight when I got Penny to take the pics, so we were limited where we could pose. So you see me squinting into the sun with the garage as a backdrop. All the beautiful flowers we have in our yard, and you get to see the garage! I got this pattern from Annie's Attic. It is by Oat Couture, and was very easy to do. A beginner could crochet this sweater. It is made from Tofutsies sock yarn and it's hard to see in the pics, but there are little dots of purple, lime and aqua that make a really interesting pattern. Wore it to work today and got oohs and aahs, so I'm happy. It's very comfortable. If I do it again, I will make it a little shorter and will shorten up the shoulder area a little too. I'm a munchkin, so most things are a little too long on me.


Karen said...

Lookin' good Cay! Nice work.

Will said...

Hi Cay .. is this the top you bought to the GCOA group last month? It looked (and felt) great, and looks wonderful on you!! What a LOT of work.