Monday, March 31, 2008

Bad, bad project
Well, we are all so willing to share our triumphs, but every once in a while, we have a project that just goes BAD! I was so excited about doing this, found a great pattern, bought the wool for felting, and when all was said & done------a big failure!
I found this great pattern for mule type felted slippers. Thought these would make great Christmas gifts for next year. Off to Michaels to buy the yarn for 3 pairs at 4 skeins each. Ok, under $20 a gift, not bad.
Decided I would do the largest pair first and get that out of the way. I consulted my friends at CP to see if anyone could remember where I got the pattern becuz the print was so small I had eyestrain trying to read it. Ended up doing a cut and paste and enlarge on the copy machine so I could read the instructions. Spent a couple of hours each evening for about 3 days crocheting them up. Then added a flower to the front. Looked really cute, but huge! They are supposed to be a size 9/10 women's.
My goodness! Just look at these pics-to give you some idea of reference, my feet are a size 8-now the bottoms fit my feet fine, but just take a look at the tops. What happened here???
So now I'm scared to death to make any more-so we may be switching to felted purses instead.


Karen said...

Oh no, that's discouraging. Do you think it would help to try to do some additional felting on the tops? Maybe some scrubbing/hot water/cold water on just the too large tops -- of course that would mean doing it by hand, but it might get them closer to fitting well. At any rate, you have my sympathy!

viviana said...

You could spend alot of time adjusting the slippers or would it be easier to crochet a jolly grape outfit to go with them? :) :) :)