Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last month, the son of one of our CP members was killed in a school shooting. It touched the deepest fears of every mother in the world, as was so evident on CP. We decided to make a comfortghan for Dawn. I said I would assemble, and the other members started crocheting the squares.
No sooner were we on this project than the fiance of another member was killed at the school shooting at the university in IL. We had so many squares already in the works that I said I would assemble another comfortghan for Pen's son.
But my own life was about to rearrange the schedule.
My daughter has been trying to get her divorce now for about a year, after 2 years of separation. In recent months, her soon to be ex, has been getting more and more irrational. He has been harassing her with phone calls, unexpected visits, etc. His friends have been threatening and she has been scared out of her wits. Since she lives in a rural area that is not close to the police or sheriff, we decided to get her out of there. Her things have been stored, and she is now in a safe location. But I was gone for 10 days and while I was away, the squares kept coming.
It was almost like Christmas opening all those envelopes. So many beautiful patterns, some I had seen before and some I had not. There are yarns I had never seen.
Another CP member, Linda, sent me her version of "faux" braid joining, which I am using to assemble. It was a little tricky at first, but makes a very nice join. Thanks, Linda!
The 1st ghan is joined and the second is down to the edging. As soon as I finish, I will get pics taken so I can post here for you. They should both be in the mail by the end of the week.

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