Thursday, June 11, 2009

Frustration! Frustration! Frustration!
Can you tell that I am frustrated? The delivery for the Alameda County Fair is this weekend, fair starts 7/1. Well, I have been working on a doily called Tropical Mist by Hiddleson that I purchased from E-Pattern Central. Got to row 23 and my count is off. Now, you have to understand I count every stitch, but apparently didn't do such a good job counting loops. I have had a real hard time with this pattern almost from the the first stitch. It is telling me to use ch 3 loops when no ch 3 loops were made in the previous row, etc. So I adjusted the pattern to what I thought was a good plan. Wrong!
Tried to find some quick help (deadline looming) from CP and Ravelry. Out of time.
So, I started another doily called Pink Palette (my thread color is linen) from an old issue of Magic Crochet. I am on the next to last row when I see a serious mistake about 7 rows back. Rip it! Rip it! When I get to the boo-boo, my count is wrong. What is wrong with me? I continue to rip for another couple of rows but still can't find the error that is causing this problem.
This is not going to make my deadline, so I just frogged the whole thing! My granddaughter almost fainted when she walked into the den to see it all back in a ball.
Ok, so I can't seem to crochet. But I have made my bread and butter slices and tomato preserves for the fair. Look good. Sure hope they do well this year. I have won 2nd for the pickles but have never entered the preserves before.
Since it is about a month before I need the stuff for the San Mateo County Fair, I am going to try the Tropical Mist doily again. In fact, did the first 11 rows last night.
Wish me luck on completing it in time.

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