Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hooray! and I'm sorry
The deadline for turning in the entries for the Alameda County Fair is today. As you probably know, i wanted to enter the Tropical Mist Doily in this fair, but I was having lots of problems with the pattern. If I would just learn to read, patterns would be so much easier! I was reading tc cl, when it really said tc cl shell. Hmmm, no wonder I didn't have ch 3 where I needed it on the next row. I was on a marathon crocheting on Thur and Fri and finished the doily last nite about midnight. The last half hour I was trying not panic as it looked like I might run out of thread. I maybe have 3 yds left on the spool. That's cutting it a little close.Finished the blocking about 1 a.m. Turned the fan on it, and went to bed praying it would be dry by morning. It was and is absolutely gorgeous. Peter and I just got back from dropping off our entries and I am absolutely exhausted.
Now for my apology. I was bad mouthing the pattern because I thought there were mistakes in the way it was written. So, Ms Hiddleson, I am so sorry that I complained about this pattern. It was all my own fault for trying to hurry and not reading the instructions thoroughly.
And a huge Thank You to all who tried to help.

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Mama Peck said...

Wow! What a gorgeous doily- and so beautifully blocked! Bravo and thanks for sharing. :)