Friday, July 03, 2009

Next Project
Recently on Crochet Partners, there has been a discussion on how we pick our next project. I've had to laugh at this, because most of us have several things on our hooks at the same time, and WIMs lined up just waiting their turn.
Last week, I had all my fair entries done, too hot to work on the afghan I'm making for Project Linus, so I thought "This is the perfect time to try that wire crochet." My friend, Kitty, gave me the book a couple of years ago, I bought the wire and beads. Guess what? I can't find any of it! I usually put the pattern and supplies in a Ziploc type bag until I'm ready for it. But I can't find the bag. Unfortunately, I haven't had a good place to put the bags so they kinda get stuffed wherever I can find room for them. I've been looking for a week and still can't find the darn thing.
So, I started making a tote bag for Mattie, who is one of the ladies in my guild chapter. She always raves about my purses when I show up with a new one. She doesn't really carry a purse so I decided to make her a tote for her crocheting. She is well into her 80's and makes a minimum of 3 or 4 blankets for Project Linus every month, volunteers at the Food Bank at the Community Center every week and still volunteers at Oakland Children's Hospital. No one deserves this more. Someone gave me a huge cone of suede ribbon yarn in a steel blue gray. Alice gave me a patch that says Project Linus blanketeer which I'm going to sew on the front. I have the bottom, both sides, the front and about 1/3 of the back done in just a couple of days.
I guess my NEXT PROJECT should be finding a storage place for my WIMs that are ready to do. I was thinking of shelves to sit the bags on, but I have so many different sizes that I'm not sure that would work. I'm thinking maybe just a good size plastic tub would be the best. Then I need to gather up all those projects and put them there so when I need something to do, it is the first place I go.

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