Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inspired and Energized

Spent yesterday at Stitches West in Santa Clara. Was a long day as it is quite a drive from Modesto and we hit some nasty commute traffic going in and as we left.  But, oh, so worth every minute behind the wheel.
My crochet group, Crochet Crusaders, mans the Warm Up America booth every year and we meet so many wonderful people stopping by to get info or drop off blocks for afghans. This year we had an extra large booth so had 2 tables and lots of chairs so folks could sit and crochet or knit a block or help assemble some of the blocks we already had.  Very nice,  Thank you, Benjamin!
I met several designers yesterday, a couple I have been in online groups with for years.  Drew Emborsky is much taller than I thought he would be!  LOL  I also met Tammy Hildebrand in the CGOA booth along with Amy Shelton. I missed Karen Ratto-Whooley.  She must have been teaching when I was out looking for her.
This year we there all day so I had time to do some wandering thru the marketplace.  Even though I have more yarn than some stores, I still love to look and pet the yarn.  I also love to look at the display pieces for inspiration.  This year there was a much larger crochet presence than in past years, but it is a Knitting magazine expo.  There were lots of buttons and bobbles and accessories.  Sensory overload to the max!
But, I came home inspired to finally get started on a couple of the sketches I have in my notebook, finish writing a couple of my patterns and get them in my Ravelry store, and maybe, just maybe, submit a pattern to a magazine.

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