Saturday, February 18, 2012

Watch Cap

For Christmas, I crocheted Peter Franzi's Watch Cap pattern for my new grandson (married my only granddaughter last March) in a nice blue washable wool.  I figured blue is the favorite color for most guys.  I also made a long scarf in color blocks using several shades of blue and brown.  Well, I have no pics of those as I got in a hurry to mail the package and forgot to get the camera out.  I've been waiting for the kids to send pics, but that hasn't happened yet.

However, Nic, my granddaughter, told me that Josh loved his cap and wished it was military green so he could wear it at work.  Military green, you ask.  Well, of course, He is a Marine. His birthday is next week, and I figured if he is wearing it to work, then one would just not be enough.  So*** I made 2!
Taking pics in the house really doesn't give a true value to the color, but it is Lion Brand washable wool in the color Loden.

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