Thursday, June 15, 2006

CA State Fair
Got my entry form in the mail last Friday, so am now crocheting like crazy to get my entries done. The main one is a large afghan (over 3' x 4'). The categories for the fair are very broad and very general-large afghans, small afghans, wearable, and other. So, my 3-d ripple mile a minute is competing against granny squares, indian designs, orginal designs, etc. Seems a little strange to me, but we'll see how it goes.
Speaking of this afghan, I started assembling a couple nights ago. It is done in reverse single crochet, which is not one of my favorite stitches, but it does add a lot to the overall effect, so I'll go with it. However, the sides are not mathcing up, so last night started frogging all the assemby I had done. Tonight I will try to figure out what went wrong. Thank God I have about 3 weeks to complete this afghan before the entries have to be in.

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