Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chemo Caps
Well, Lot's going on recently so haven't been doing much blogging.
Have crocheted 3 chemo caps for my roommate, Penny. She is Finally! done with chemo treatments. But she is still sicker than a dog, and bald as a billiard ball. I also mailed off 3 other caps for a Cp'r who was looking for assistance in her area.
Giggle Room
Before the chemo made Penny so sick, we emptied the closet in the office, painted it raspberry and installed the cubes that we've had in the attic for 3 years. We now have all the craft stuff in one area. We call this room the Giggle Room because it just makes you laugh to go into it. Every wall is a different color, grape, orange, lime, lemon, and the ceiling is a beautiful aqua. We also installed under the counter lights on the ceiling of the closet, so we can see what's in there. Nothing like to trying to find craft supplies in the dark. Will get pictures posted soon, I hope.

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