Sunday, September 17, 2006

My First Original (written down) Designs
Last weekend while I was working on the 2 patterns for Caps for the Capitol, I got bored. I'm not one to do the same thing over and over again, and changing colors doesn't make it any better. So, I remembered a stitch I used a couple of years ago in a scarf, so I tried to make it into a cap. It worked! So I wrote it down, so I could do it again. Well, after a few of these, I tried another stitch that I really liked. Again, I wrote it down.
Well, at some point, I realized this is designing. I have been doing this forever, but I have never taken the time to write it down, because usually it just makes what I'm doing work for me.
When I shared this revelation with my friend, Margaret, she said, "Hello, you just never write it down." Duh! My friend, Kitty, who designs clothing for herself, and went to design school affirmed that this is the design process.
Well, it has taken me longer to write them down, take pictures, save them and try to post than it did to make up the patterns and crochet several hats from each of them. I'm going to try to post them here for you if you'd like to use them for this wonderful project.

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