Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Graph Markers
I am working on a filet pattern that has 301 stitches across and is 110 rows high. Very easy to get confused where you are. I am currently using a metal board with a magnet strip to help me stay on track with the rows. Penny taught me a trick about using it the other night. She came in to see what I was mumbling about, and I explained that the magnet covered up the row just done, and you kind of build off previous rows. She looked at me like I was a complete idiot and then said, put the marker above the row you are working on. Duh! So that seems to be working ok, but I got lost somewhere on the way across the row. It doesn't help that you work one row right to left and the next left to right. So last night I frogged about 10 rows (that's over 3000 stitches) and I still haven't found my mistake.
I had tried using a hi-liter to keep track of where I was but I was spending more time marking than crocheting.One of my CP's suggested using something like a magnetic needle that you can push along as you go, but needles are round and would probably move too much. But it got me thinking!
So this evening I came up with the perfect solution, but have no idea how to do it. Take a clear plastic ruler (so you can see all the rows) make a channel in the center, insert a small arrow that you can move along as you work. When you get to the end of the row, move the ruler up a row, reverse the arrow and you're off and running. Now if I just knew someone who works in plastics.

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katiejayinpa said...

Get yourself a magnetic back business card, draw an arrow on it and then cut out the arrow....use that to move along the ruler.....if you can cut a slot in the middle of the ruler you can maybe use something like a fastener to hold the magnetic arrow and move them along the row....just an idea...