Thursday, May 03, 2007

Recent Doings
I just finished the afghan I plan to put in the fair circuit this summer. I think it turned out really nice. It will eventually live in Penny's media room so the colors are shades of purple. Took a picture, but couldn't get it to upload from the camera to the computer, so will have to try again. Maybe I need new batteries in the camera. Who knows!
I bought some yarn for the Diamond Patch sweater that I'm trying to convert from knit to crochet. It is Tofutsies sock yarn. More $ per skein than I usually pay for yarn, but this is a special project. The color is varigated aqua, lime, purple and white. Wrong yarn for this project! The design of the diamond is totally lost in the busyness of the yarn.
So, I have ordered another sweater pattern from Karp Styles for this yarn, cuz I really like the yarn. But now I have to find yarn for the Diamond Patch.
There is an article at Annie's Attic today about converting knit to crochet, and they are not exaggerating about it taking patience and being trial and error. I guess eventually I will get this sweater on the road. Don't think it will be difficult once I work out all these little problems. Just very time consuming.
So, while I am waiting for patterns, and yarn inspiration, I started a filet doily last night. It is bumblebees with a beehive and am doing it in sz 20 thread and 10 hook. Starts with a chain of 304 and is 110 rows. I did get the 1st 3 rows done last night. My goal is to have it finished in time to enter in the Alameda County fair, so have about 1 month to get it done.

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