Monday, June 25, 2007

5 Ribbons, 4 entries
Went to the Alameda County Fair yesterday. Boy, was I pleased and surprised that my entries did so well! Just busting my buttons here. Penny says I'm going to be hard to live with, but I've won ribbons before (see the pout).
Ok, here's the rundown. Bread & Butter pickles, 3rd place (white ribbon).
Awesome Blossom Hat from Jean Leinhauser's book 100 Crochet Projects, 2nd place (red ribbon). The Stained Glass Afghan won Blue again! And---drum roll, please---the Bees & Hive filet got not only a Blue ribbon, but a Judge's Special Award for fair theme. Yea! And I almost didn't enter it becuz I found an error as I was packing it to take to the fair grounds. However, I'm sure most people looking at it can't figure out what is so special about it. It is folded so you can't see any of the bees and it's laying flat in a case and you can hardly even see the hive.
There are pics in the County Fairs 2007 album. However, I forgot to load a pic of the beehive laid out so you can see it, but will do that tonite when I get home.


Will said...

Congratulations Cay!! I think your work is not only beautiful, but it inspires me to do my best as well. This has been a great summer for you and your Fair entries, and I'm very happy for you.


Melody said...

You go girl! You inspire me to keep going at it even though I have to rib it rib it rib it. One day I will be as good as you!