Sunday, June 03, 2007

Contra Costa County Fair
Well, the fair season is in full swing. We went to the CCC fair yesterday. I entered an afghan that will eventually end up in Penny's TV room, along with a doily that I made for the tall boy in my bedroom. After much nagging, Penny entered a cross stitch Indian that she made for me for Xmas last year.
The CCC fair is very small, but we had a really great day. We looked at the animals, ate Polish sausage corn dogs, drank strawberry lemonade, watched people. Finally, had to go see the exhibits. As soon as were in the building, we split up looking for our entries. I think we found them at about the same time.
Much to Penny's surprise & delight, she has a 1st place Blue Ribbon on her cross stitch. She just didn't think it was all that great, no matter what anyone told her. Like most of us, she makes her needlework for love for the ones she loves.
My first thought was kinda disappointment that my afghan didn't win anything. Then Penny said unless there is another Cay from Hayward entered here, you also have a Blue Ribbon. The way the tag was attached, it looked like it belonged with another entry and I didn't even notice it.
But I did notice the big rosette & Yellow Ribbon on my doily. It took Best of Division. WooHoo!! I've never won one of those before. In fact, I was so excited about that I didn't notice the Blue Ribbon on it.
So, 3 entries, 4 awards! Not bad for not entering any county fairs for several years, and Penny's first ever fair.
Now she is really excited about the rest of the season.
You can see the pics in the album County Fairs 2007.

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