Thursday, January 24, 2008

None of the below!
Finished the scarf, wrote down the pattern, took it to the guild meeting for show and tell. Everyone loved it. This will be a very versatile pattern. You can stop at about 30", add a couple of buttons for a neck warmer, or make it as long as you want. Need to take a pic, but the batteries in my camera are d-e-a-d. And I keep forgetting to get new ones.
When I finished, I started the Catty Corners Afghan from . I'm planning to enter this in the county fairs this summer. The colors I'm using are from the TLC Essentials colorway Cherry Chocolate (or something like that). Anyway, pinks & browns. Love it, love the afghan. Never thought I would say that about an afghan with 63 4 1/2 " squares. The thing that will make this stand out is the ripple border. I'm liking this color scheme so much I told Penny (my roommate) that I might just have to change the colors in my bedroom. LOL!
My daughter is planning to come to visit late Feb or March so I told her to bring her crochet hooks. I have several patterns that need testing. So she's excited about that. Can't wait to see her!!

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