Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Comfortghan for Jay Dawson in memory of Ryanne Mace

Pen Klapper, another of our CP members, son's fiance` was killed at the shooting at the university in Illinois. So, in true loving fashion, the CP members put together a comfortghan for him. He has received it, and was so very touched that people he did not know and likely would never meet sent him so much love and comfort. Here are a couple of pics I took before I mailed it. I used the same faux braided joining as the other one, but this was done in denim blue. The edging is #33 from 50 Crocheted Afghan Borders.

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mas5200 said...

Great work all!! I did not contribute to this comfortghan, but wanted to tell you how great I think it turned out. I'm certain that it will bring Jay much comfort each time he uses it or even looks at it.

Sandy :)
Harrod, OH