Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Russian Spiral Doily
Well, I fell in love with this pattern when I first saw it about 7 or 8 months ago. So, in all my wisdom, I decided it was time to do it. First it would be my entry for the county fair, and then it would decorate our new dining table. Notice how I keep saying
would? I worked up the first half and it seemed kinda wonky, but sometimes those things work themselves out as you go. Not a chance! So I thought maybe if I went and got the symbol chart blown up I could see if I had misread the symbols. Well, I spent 2 days going over it with a magnifying glass, and I did exactly what the chart says to do. Still wonky! Since the written parts of the pattern are in Russian, I'm out of luck there in getting any guidance. I got the pattern here if you want to check it out.
So it's now a PIGS and I've chosen another pattern for my fair entry. Oh well!


LoraSara said...

Hi Cay,
I got error 404, file not found, when I tried to look at that pattern.

jmk said...

The correct link is (no second "c" in devichnik).

I've been working on this one as well, but it seemed to me that the pattern "cxeme 3" didn't match the picture. If you look at the edging there are two "blocks" skipped at the end of each row, not one as in the pattern. So I used "cxeme 2", the coaster pattern, for the shaping. It's coming out just fine.