Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Time to turn a new page in this old book.
I love to crochet for others, but it seems that the recipients aren't all that crazy about receiving. So all that beautiful yarn I have bought for them, and the time I would have used now are earmarked for me! I'm sorry, but when the time and love I put into a project isn't appreciated, then why am I doing it?
For example, I bought some gorgeous fingering wt cotton in dark chocolate brown with my daughter in mind. She has seen the yarn, says she likes it, but has rejected every pattern I have shown her. And has not submitted anything that she likes. So now its mine. I also like dark brown.
I made my granddaughter a lovely scarf, my own design, for Christmas last year and have yet to receive a "I got it", "I like it" or "its been turned into a dog toy". The blue yarn and teal yarn that I picked up for her are now mine. Even tho blue is not my fav color, I wear it.
I haven't received a thank you for the gifts to my son and his wife from last Christmas either, so the purple I bought for her will turn into a sweater for me.
Good thing I look good in almost any color.


Andy's Crafts said...

Sometimes People are like that. Once I give a gift I untangle my emotions from it, they can do whatever they want with it. Now not even saying thank you that's a different story, no more gifts from me. lol!

Mags said...

Boy, Cay I have been there. Now my yarn and time is for a me or a worthly cause of choice.