Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Back to Crochet
I know I haven't posted much about crochet recently, but there is a reason for that and it is 9 days away! I have been very productive, enjoying every stitch. As soon as the holidays pass us, I will post pics and tell you about what I've been doing.
I can tell you a little story about the decorating under way at our house--not.
Last year when we plugged in the reindeer on the lawn, the big buck had 1/2 his lights out. So he spent last holiday season in the garage. I hit the after
Christmas sales and got new lights for him really cheap. So---last weekend, I get up on the ladder, pull down a reindeer, set it up on the coffee table in the den so I can change out the lights while I watch a movie. Can you tell where this is going?
OK-the old lights don't work, so I decide to just cut them here and there to get the excess out of my way. Trashed the old lights, put most of the new lights on. Hmm-might be a good time to see if the head still moves freely. Hang the deer head on the body-plug it all in-Lights work-head moves! Absolutely fantastic.
I'm watching this head swing back and forth and all of a sudden it dawns on me that the buck has his head up and the doe is sweeping the ground. Have you figured it out yet?
Yep! You're right! I changed the lights on the doe! Not paying attention to detail will get you every time. So now, I have more new lights for the buck, but he is still hanging in the rafters waiting for a new light job! ha, ha, ha.

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