Thursday, December 04, 2008

This economy sucks!
Well, all this craziness in the stock market and industry now affects me directly. On Tuesday, at the close of biz for the day, my boss tells me that effective 12/15, I'm no longer employed. I've been with this company before he bought it! Nine years! Goes to show that loyalty is a one-way street. Right this minute, I'm going thru the angry stage-it has taken me 2 days to get here and I'm not ready to give it up yet! There are 2 other assistants in this office, one has been here less than 6 months, is only 30 w/a husband with a good govt job. The other is mid-40's but also has a husband with a good job. I am my sole support! I'm almost 63! Finding a job at my age is almost impossible under the best of circumstances and these are about the worst of times.
I know there are options, unemployment or early retirement, but I'm just not quite ready to face those decisions yet. I need to get over this angry place first and I'm not ready to leave.


Pamela said...

OH Cay! I'm so sorry! That's terrnible news and I don't blame you for being ticked about it. I hope the best for you in exploring any new possibilities. :)

cay said...

Thanks, Pamela.
I'm sure there are options out there, maybe something crochet related as I have been doing some of my own designing recently. We'll see. thanks for the support.
Kiss those babies.

Pamela said...

:) I will Cay! You're very talented, so I think you may have a great idea going. :)