Thursday, January 14, 2010

Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn

I very rarely comment on the yarn I use, but I just have to tell you how much I do not like this yarn.  I will never use it again.  I do not know what the hype is all about.  When I think sock yarn, I think very even yarn, soft with a touch of stretch.  Noro is none of these.  In places there are lumps and in other places it is as thin as #20 thread. I found it stiff and scratchy to crochet.  Not what I want to walk on. Fortunately, I did not use it to make socks, but a vest, so these issues are more aesthetic than anything else.  When I pay almost $20 for a ball of yarn, I do not expect to find knots in it. And if you have to knot in some more yarn, at least follow the color sequence, and only one knot per skein, thank you.  Can you tell I am not very happy with this yarn?  The colors are gorgeous, but that will not overcome the other problems I had with this yarn.  The vest is beautiful and I will post a pic as soon as it is dry.  I was curious what others thoought of this yarn so I went to Ravelry.  This yarn is not even listed in the database.  Anyone else have a problem with this yarn?

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