Saturday, January 23, 2010

This & That

Nothing huge happening here, but a little bit of this and that.  Our guild chapter is hosting the Warm Up America booth at Stitches West next month, so have been busy coordinating with their person, Mary Colucci.  She has been great to work with.  Trying to get all our crew on the schedule for the weekend, so Mary will have their badges available when they get there. 
Our guild has started a blog to get our presence known and to be able to communicate with members who aren't able to attend a meeting.  It's also a great way to keep folks informed of upcoming events.  Check it out.
With both of us sick starting before Christmas, we are a little slow getting our decorations down this year.  I'm also tracing around the base of each of the village buildings and making notes on where the lights go, how tall, etc.  My goal is to make a better platform for display before next year..  So it is taking even longer to put this stuff away.
The rain has been horrendous this last week, and we have water in the den.  One corner of the den is the low point on our lot and the water pools there.  So we went and got sandbags the other day. It does seem to be helping move the water away from that corner.  I got up on the ladder yesterday and pulled some leaves out of the gutters which let the water move along.  The landlord came a little later in the day and did some more.  His handyman is here now to finish up the gutters and do some cleanup.  We are so lucky to have such a good landlord.
I finally finished the stadium robe in 3 colors.  Haven't taken a pic yet as the batteries are dead in my camera. Yuk! I have everything I need for a couple of afghans for the fairs this year.  Just trying to finish a couple of UFO's before I start anything new.  I also have 3 or 4 sketches in my notebook for new designs.
We are turning our "guest" room into a sewing/craft room.  Penny wants to get back into quilting and it would be good to just be able to get up and close the door at the end of the day. Way too cold/hot in the garage. And when was the last time we had a guest stay over nite?  Better use of the real estate to sew in there. Need to get rid of the double bed. Penny has already filled the dresser with fabric and notions. This little room has the best light in the house, so it will make a great sewing room. But we need to finish putting away Xmas before we start that room.
I'm sure there is other stuff going on, but I'm not sure what.  So when I think of it, I'll report in.

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