Friday, January 15, 2010

Ravelry and Facebook

I joined Rav probably a year ago, maybe longer but hadn't used it much until this fall. Of course, the fact I had patterns I wanted to get out there had a lot to do with that. And I love, love, love Ravelry. It is amazing to me how much I have crocheted since I'm keeping track of my projects there. And I still let a couple get out the door at the holidays without being recorded. Oh, well! Can't win them all.
I just this week broke down and joined Facebook. I had resisted for several reasons, but the number 1 reason is my granddaughter was really upset when her father wanted to be her friend and she didn't know how to tell him no. She is a young lady, not a kid so I think she deserves some privacy. But, when my girlfriend from high school's grandson asked me to be his friend on FB, I finally broke down. But, I won't look for Nic unless the invite comes from her. I'm getting hearts, I see folks are in groups and I have no idea what farmworld is. But, I'm there if you need me.
It took me about 20 seconds to post a badge/link from Facebook to this blog. I have been trying to do that from Ravelry for weeks. I got the button once, but the link didn't work. Now I can't even do that. Can not figure it out. So if anyone can help, let me know.

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