Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Crochet Projects to Go

It seems one of the biggest problems fiber artists have is getting and staying organized.  I have, over the years, probably spent as much time organizing yarn, hooks, books, patterns, as I have actually crocheting.
We all have stacks of patterns and tubs of yarn that will become WIPs at some point in the future.  But then, you use part of the yarn for something or other and when you are ready to start the project, there is not enough of the yarn to do it.  So, either off to the store to buy more, if you can get it, or laid aside for another time.
OR--the pattern is just out of reach, can't be found no matter where you look.  Not in the saved files on the computer, can't find it in the 3 ring binders of patterns saved over the years, not even in the piles of patterns waiting to be put in binders  Where is that thing?
I have finally come up with a method that works for me!
When I get a pattern that I really want to do, I go through my stash and pull out the yarn.  I then put them together in a zip bag of some sort.  The bag goes in a big tub.  When I need a project, I go to the tub, pull out what I want to do and it is all right there!  Pattern, and yarn.
I use this method even if I don't have everything I need.  I can then add the rest of the yarn when I pick it up.

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Anonymous said...

I take it one step further and put the pattern I want that yarn for in the bag too !! Now I don't have to stress on what I was really going to do with this yarn. hee hee