Saturday, December 09, 2006

Computers, Computers, Computers
When I should be washing, blocking and wrapping Xmas gifts, I decide, in all my wisdom, to upgrade my blog to the new beta version. Huh! What was I thinking? When I did that, it dumped my wish list and my favorite links into my photo albums category. Good grief! Doesn't anything go easy? Apparently not. And with my great knowledge (lol) of computers, it took me probably an hour to figure out I could cut & paste from one list to the other to get them all back where I wanted them, and probably another hour to fix the mistakes I made the first hour.
You would think that would be enough self abuse for one evening, wouldn't you? Oh noooo-I then decide to download pdf software so I can more easily manage my patterns. Did you notice the word EASY? Well, another hour and the software is loaded, but I have no idea what to do with it now. That's when I gave up and went to finish a scarf for the troops.
It's another day, and I am going to start the washing machine and get those gifts ready for the mail. That was my goal for this week, along with getting the Christmas Village out of the boxes and on display. So-I'll chat with you later.

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