Sunday, December 03, 2006

Santa's on His Way
And this little elf has been plenty busy! But I haven't taken any pics recently because I want to wait until things have been blocked. I have made 2 more open weave vests, a summer top, (with another one in the bag ready to start), slippers, snowflakes to put in our Xmas cards this year (starting a new tradition), wrist warmers, and flower ear muffs. Probably a couple more things I can't think of right now. Penny has been working on cross stitch, and she has done small ornaments for all her nieces and nephews, and small Xmas stocking ornaments for my kids. She is currently working on a bookmark and towels for a friend.
My goal is to have everything that has to be mailed done by next weekend. So I have some washing and blocking to finish this week. And picture taking! Can't let them go until they have been photo'd.

Heidi is coming! Heidi is coming!
My daughter is coming to spend Xmas with me this year, and I'm so excited. This will be the first time since I moved to No Cal that one of my kids has been able to spend the holidays up here with me. Will be kinda a bittersweet day as she won't be spending the holiday with her daughter, due to a pending divorce. But I'm going to try to make it as special as I can for her. She deserves so much more than life has dealt her (lupus and fibromyalgia).

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