Friday, December 29, 2006

Crochet Challenge 2007
JD from Crochet Partners asked today what our crochet challenges for the new year are going to be. I have been wanting to try to crochet with wire. Don't know if my tired old hands will let me do much of it, but feel I have to give it a try. Am hoping our library has a book on it, as I don't really want to spend $20/$25 for a book until I know it is something I can do.
Another thing I want to try my hand at this year is felting. Have been reluctant to put the $ and effort into something and end up with a mess. So I am going thrift store shopping, find a couple of wool sweaters, frog them and use the yarn for this project. Penny's sister in law, Jan, was talking to me about what she is felting on Thanksgiving, and then Christmas she showed me what she had done. Some really neat slippers and a bag, so far. She knits, and I crochet, but felting is felting. Will probably start with a hat or bag, size isn't as important as with slippers. Jan said with her slippers, she kinda made them, then found the feet that they fit. Since she has 4 kids, everything seems to have a home.
I also want to do something with Tunisian other than swatches. I used to do this many years ago, but the things you can do have greatly increased and so I want to try some of them.
I also have a couple of WIMs lined up for the new year. Another ABC's afghan done in 7 different colors, with each letter square in its own color. Have the yarn for this, and my color chart. I also have the pattern for Sunbonnet Sue/Overall Sam afghan which I want to make for myself. Haven't bought the yarn for that yet, but will soon.
I have joined the Granny Square exchange, so I can do squares and hopefully learn a couple of new techniques along the way.
My biggest challenge for 2007 is to have all my Christmas presents ready to mail the Monday after Thanksgiving. Back in the olden days, when the mail was much slower, we were always done by then, and the rest of the holidays don't seem so rushed.

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