Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All better!
Saturday's depression has passed. I went to my LYS and got some different yarn for the sweater. The nice thing about a LYS is they can and will order things for you. The yarn I chose is a sock yarn in varigated colors of blue, green, purple, from light to dark shades. I think it will be great for this sweater. However, they had to order 4 skeins for me. And they were able to get the same dye lot! How lucky is that? Should have the yarn within the week.
So, since I have to wait for the yarn, I pulled out another WIW (work in waiting) and started an afghan that I purchased the supplies for probably a year ago. Shades of purple for Penny. So far, looks pretty good, but since we changed the pattern from the original choice, will have to go get more yarn. Fortunately, it is Red Heart no dye lot stuff and Michaels has it all the time. Checked yesterday, just in case.
I have recently been working with more high end yarns for my last couple of projects, and I really noticed a difference when I went back to the old stand-by Red Heart. Thank goodness that it softens up after it is washed. It is like crocheting sandpaper.

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