Saturday, April 07, 2007

Knit to Crochet
Went to bed depressed last night, and it just got worse this morning. I have spent every evening this last week trying to convert a knitted miter square to a crochet miter square for a sweater I want to make. I did it 3 or 4 times using some scrap yarn to get the look I want. Now I have done it 4 times using the yarn I want to use for the sweater. Last nite I frogged the diamond to measure the yardage. I don't have enough of the intended yarn to make this sweater. Talk about raining on my parade. This morning I am going over the whole thing again, thinking there must be something that can be done to salvage this project as planned, and it just gets worse. I am not a knitter, so reading the pattern is a little tricky for me ( Kitty made my sample square). But, even though my diamond is the same size as hers, it is not big enough for the pattern. So, by the time I increase the size, I really won't have enough yarn.
I know you're thinking, buy more yarn. Easier said than done! I bought the yarn at Stitches West from Newtons Country Yarns thinking that 1200 yds would be plenty for anything I might want to do. How wrong I was! In this particular yarn, it will take approx 2000 yds, or maybe more, after I fix the size of the square.
And then we get to the issue of the yarn. My intended yarn is 60% cashmere/40%merino from Italy. It is 3 strands of different colors.So soft and beautiful! But the knit pattern recommends using cotton, linen, rayon or blend for draping, and states that wool doesn't drape well. I think my sample drapes great, but that is the difference in using worsted weight and fine weight yarn. But it still doesn't solve my problem of not enough. Oh well, There is always a solution. This one probably means buying a different yarn, but I have been picturing this sweater in this yarn for weeks.

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