Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another Irritant
This has been one of those weeks! First there was the issue w/the sweater, not enuf yarn. Well, I ordered new yarn, so while waiting, decided to start an afghan. This is for Penny's TV room, so the colors are shades of purple. Didn't have enuf of either color, so knew I was going to have to get more of both the variegated and the dark violet. No problem. Good old Red Heart no dye lot yarn. Always have these colors at Michaels. I'm looking all over the place for the variegated Artist Print and don't see it. Finally find it, but it doesn't look right. So instead of buying 3, I only got 1. When I got home I put it up against what I already have and it doesn't look the same. The yarn I have has kind of a sheen to it and the new yarn is dull flat finish. Exact same name and color number. Go figure! Since I'm doing this afghan in strips, I can alternate the strips and it probably won't make much difference, but so disappointing.
One of the things that has been getting my goat recently is you can't buy sport weight, sock or fingering yarn in regular stores anymore. You either have to go to a LYS (if you are lucky enuf to have one) or order on-line (and you can't feel it first). It's even hard to find DK in anything other than baby colors. They're ok for babies, but some of us need more color!

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