Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Final test
I've been a smoker for over 40 years, and this week I'm making my umpteenth attempt to quit. I want to do this. I know for my health I need to do this. I can no longer afford financially to smoke. All good reasons. But right this minute, I would give just about anything for a cigarette. I keep telling myself that this will pass in just a few minutes. I've crocheted like a mad woman for the last two days. I've washed dishes more times in the last two days than the last month. (Penny normally cleans the kitchen)
I have all the tools I need this time. I am taking Chantix, and the nausea is starting to pass. Thank God. I have nicotine inhalers, if I need them. So far, I've resisted the urge to use the inhaler. Penny is quitting with me this time for many of the same reasons that I'm quitting. Yesterday in the car I almost buckled. But, I stayed strong and made it home by buying ice cream and eggs instead of cigs.
My record as a non-smoker is 3 weeks. This time will be different. It has to be.


Anne~ %(*_*)%QUEENBEE said...

Keep at it!!! I was told on Sept.11No more smoking by the ER doctor. I have been to the ER 4 times so far with bronchitis. I developed asthma in Phoenix March 2005 when they renovated my apartment with me still in it. I was exposed to black mold and asbestos(?) when they ripped out walls and broke up the floor tiles. I got this house that fall, but this year it was extremely wet. The basement stayed damp. I think thats what kicked in all my breathig problems. Anyway I need to quit also due to health reasons. I am struggling with the addiction of being a daily smoker for over 40 years so I KNOW what you are going through. I still need to get in to see my doctor. You know how that can go with some insurance. Stay strong and I will keep you and Penny in my prayers.

butterflycrochet said...

I'm praying for you honey. I like the Chantix. I stopped with it and then my kidney stones flared up again and I caved in to the stress. I could kick myself. I do know what you are going through. I really need to stop again.

Stay strong and know you have people pulling for you.

Norma said...

Congratulations Cay! I quit August 13th, for the umteenth time myself. I am hoping I can stay quit this time because like you, it's no longer feasible financially or physically. I have found that what helps me at those times when I am craving and just about to light up something is to take a deep breath, and remind myself that I don't have to quit forever, just for this minute. If I can manage to quit for just that minute, just those 5 minutes then the crave passes, it's psychological anyway. Then I just have to deal with the next time the craving comes up. I can live without anything for one minute that if I thought I had to live without for the rest of my life it would drive me crazy. Does that make sense? I quit with someone in my home smoking around me, it wasn't easy, they smoked outside as I don't allow smoking in my home, but it was still not that easy so using that one minute technique came in handy quite a few times. The smoker isn't here any more, and so I only have to deal with the cravings occasionally now. It's getting better, but, I also know that I'll have them for a long time to come. I just have to take the time when they come up to remind myself, just this minute, just these next five minutes, I can live without a smoke. Hugs! Good luck sweetie.

cay said...

Thank you all for your encouragement! It has been 9 long days since my last cigarette. I'm already feeling better and breathing easier. When the craving is almost overwhelming, I just chant to myself "I am healthier and wealthier without cigarettes." I'm finding the hardest place to be is in the car. But this, too, shall pass.