Saturday, March 06, 2010


I am no longer a crocheter, but a fiber artist.  Today I am totally ashamed of crocheters.  Maybe I will get over this, maybe not.
Crocheters have been bellyaching about not getting the proper respect, classes, etc.  That they are being overlooked for what knitters want.
Well, guess what?  Crocheters aren't willing to pay for what they want and knitters are!
Bente at PYA has bent over backward to make her store a crochet friendly place. She has a Crochet Circle every Tuesday. Just bring in your project and work with like minded people. She pays Peter to be available to help anyone who needs it. She has offered her classroom to our crochet guild for free to hold our monthly meetings. She schedules almost as many crochet classes as knit. In fact, for March, National Crochet Month, she scheduled additional crochet classes based upon things people had indicated to her that they would like to learn.
I was scheduled to teach a class the next 2 sundays on making flowers for embellishment. As of 6 p.m. today, no one had signed up for this class. The price for the class was quite reasonable. You could bring your own yarn and hook to the class. She doesn't require you to purchase supplies in the store.
I'm having a hard time believing that we could not find 3 people who were willing to put their money where their mouth is. I want to hear no more about how badly crocheters are treated.


Vashti Braha said...

It puzzles me so I'm trying to figure out what crocheters find irresistible--because they don't spend money, except for when they do....

Jane's Hooked on Crochet said...

I think that you need to add a modifier to this sentence "Crocheters aren't willing to pay for what they want and knitters are!" Perhaps start with many, or some, because some or many crocheters spend a lot of money for books, magazines, hooks, yarn, classes.