Sunday, March 28, 2010

I need a name, please

Here is my latest work of art..  But she needs a name. And a pattern tester. Can you help?  I will give a copy of the pattern to winner of the name contest.  And of course, if you are testing the pattern, you will have a copy.  What do you think of this creation?


Anonymous said...

I like it a lot.. if it were mine I would name it... Open Arm Vest... it is very pretty and will be very comfortable to wear.... Nancy

Kathy said...

'Strawberry Dreams Vest' is what it brings to my mind. I like it, it's very pretty.


jd said...

cool crochet. it's a tabard. i think i'd call it Cay's Cool Tabard.
jd in st louis

Fitty said...

I really like it. I would name it "Raspberry Slip Over"


Kath said...

I'd name it "The one I'd wear"


Nannyherr said...

Cay's Cover

Carolyn Herr, Nannyherr

Anonymous said...

Lovely Blush Pull-over

xx Michelle :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely Blush Pull-Over

"Michelle :)"