Thursday, April 01, 2010

A kitty with good taste!

We have 3 cats, all with their own unique personalities.  Nakoma is old, about 17. I rescued her from a drunk in a bar when she was about a month old.  She follows me around like a dog.
Mango is an orange tabby that we adopted from a pet drive at PetSmart.  She is lovable and quiet.
Then there is Annie, our white tornado.  She and Mango are about the same age, but Annie is a real pistol.  She will play with anyone or by herself.  Makes no difference.
Most of the time, the cats show very little interest in our yarn, except to try to lay on our projects while we are working on them.  Once in awhile, they get a little excited when I am winding yarn.
About a year ago, I was using alpaca for 2 different projects. I got up one morning to discover Annie sleeping with a ball of the alpaca that she stole out of my tote. The second time this happened, the project got put into lidded container that I could close when I wasn't working on the project.  I haven't worked with any alpaca recently, so had forgotten this incident.
We have a large dresser in the den where I keep my better yarns or things already designated for projects.  A couple of evenings ago, I pulled a ball of wool out of a drawer and went in the kitchen to show Penny.  All of a sudden, she looked up and said to me to look in the den.
There was little miss Annie in the drawer that I had left open.  Of course, couldn't find the camera that quickly. It then dawned on me that that is the drawer where I keep the alpaca.
Not only does she really like alpaca, but she likes the natural colors more than the dyed. A girl after my own heart.

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