Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun
Friday I went to PYA with Peter so I could show Bente my newest creations and talk to her about the washable wool that I want.  We found one wool that is perfect, but it comes in 50 g balls.  So many ends!  Bente is going to contact the manufacturer and see if that is the only option.  She says sometimes it is available on cones, but they do not advertise that little fact.  We shall see!
And, I sold a felted messenger bag that I had there on consignment.  Yea!
I showed her the Pinwheels scarf and she set it aside for display as soon as the pattern is tested. No pressure, Diane!   I also showed her the beginning of Butterfly Kisses made from sock yarn that she personally dyed.  She handed me a ball of Noro sock yarn and said, can you make a scarf with various size flowers out of this.  Oh, yea! 
I also turned in 2 baby ghans and a lapghan for consignment.  Then I sat myself down and joined the Fiber Artists Friday group and worked some more on Butterfly Kisses.  Before the evening was over, we had a surprise trunk show from a local spinner and dyer.  So much yummy yarn and not enuf money.  There was one alpaca there that I really wanted.  Maybe next time.
Here are a couple of pics of the baby ghans and the newest scarf, for your entertainment.

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