Friday, October 02, 2009

Women's Health Awareness Month
Most folks think of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month but there are other diseases out there that use October to bring awareness to their situations, also.  I think it is wonderful that enough people have gotten on the wagon and promote breast cancer awareness, but let us not forget the ladies suffering from other, just as debilitating diseases.  The one closest to my heart is the Lupus Foundation (link in the right column, just below the Breast Cancer site).  No one knows what causes lupus, it cannot be cured and ruins the lives of countless numbers.  It is diagnosed only by eliminating many other things.  This is a process that can take years.  The meds to help control it can cause organ damage.  But, uncontrolled, it will eventual lead to organ failure and death.
So, please, add a purple ribbon to your pink ribbon this month to help increase awareness of Lupus.

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