Monday, July 31, 2006

Bookmark Exchange
I just joined the Bookmark Exchange through Crochet Partners last week. And I received my 1st bookmark today from Rebecca in LA! How exciting. I have never done an exchange before, and I think this will be a lot of fun. I have a bookmark ready to go in the mail back to Rebecca in tomorrow's post. Can't wait for the next one. This combines two of my favorite things, crocheting and reading. Check out the pictures in my new photo album "Bookmarks". Right now there are only 2, but as I make and receive more, I will be updating it. I'm currently waiting to find out who my next partner is.
In addition to receiving and making really cool bookmarks, you find out what the others are reading. Looks like I have more books on my "to read" list, like I need more.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fleece Blankets
A couple of weeks ago I bought 4 fleece blankets at Anna's Linens for 99 cents each. I also got Jean Leinhauser's 50 Crocheted Afghan Borders. I combined the two and the results are pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Since the blankies are only 26 x 26 they worked up pretty quick. Did all 4 of them in about 4 evenings. I'm planning to go back to Anna's and see if they still have some blankets. I have no immediate plans for these, so will probably donate them to charity. Pictures at the end of my album Babies".
I've added a new album to my photos. Currently it only has two afghans in it that I did several years ago. These two afghans are constantly used in my home. I love them, but I haven't tried anymore graphs since then. Maybe someday, but there are other things I want to do first.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Fair Update
I got my notice from the CA state fair and neither of my entries got an award. I'm disappointed and feeling a little deflated. I'm trying to tell myself that this is the first time I have entered a fair this large, and the judging system is one I am not familiar with. So, this is a Learning Experience. Not helping much right this minute. But on a more upbeat note, I'm looking forward to attending the fair next month and seeing what did get awards. As soon as I get my entries back, I will take pictures and put them in my album.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

State Fair
Got both my entries for the Fair completed, blocked and in the mail. They had to be there by 7/7, so I mailed them off Monday using priority mail. I can drive to Sacramento in about 2 hours, so they should be there in plenty of time. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to photo them before they had to go.
I was helping Chelo move to Benicia this weekend and ended up spending the night at her new place becuz I was too tired to drive home. And by the time I got home, and got my things blocked, I had lost the light to take decent photos, so will have to get them either at the fair, or when they come home.The fair doesn't start until 8/11, so I guess I have a month to wait and see if they were accepted. That's the hard part.
I told Penny a couple of days ago, that it seems strange not to be crocheting up against a deadline. I have done a couple of baby afghans and other presents, and then the fair. Now, maybe I can finish my dresser scarf for ME before I start the next round of gifts for Xmas.