Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wedding Afghan
The afghan is for the son of my boss, (I work w/both of them) and the wedding is this weekend. So--I brought the present in yesterday and gave it to Craig, and he decided to take it home so he and Melissa could open it together.
This morning his father, Jay, came in and said that Craig called him last night to tell him about the afghan. Apparently, they are very pleased and Craig said he had never seen anything like it; it is beautiful and so soft.
What a relief! When you are making something for someone that you don't know well personally, you are never sure what kind of reaction you'll get.
Well, the judges at the CA state fair weren't impressed, but the kids love it, and that is even better!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Photos
I just posted photos of the Wedding Afghan that I entered in the CA State Fair. I also created a new album "Odds'N Ends Crochet". It has things in it that don't seem to fit in any of my other current albums. I have a crocheted hat band for one of my favorite hats and some things I made for Thanksgiving several years ago. I am still working on my doilies for my bedroom. I am within 2 rounds of finishing the last one, and have hit the wall. So taking a few days off from it, and will get it finished soon.