Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fair Time!
Well, it's that time of year again. Peter and Cathy met me at the BART station near my office and we took off Friday evening for the opening day of the fair. It's probably about 20 miles to the fairgrounds, and when we were almost there, some guys in the car next to us rolled down their window and told us that we were losing water. Damn! I have a hose from the water reservoir to the radiator that has popped off twice before. About that time the dash lights for the radiator came on. S0--we pulled over, lifted the hood, and sure enough that same b----y hose is off again! But to make matters even worse, the clamp is now missing, somewhere on the freeway behind us. Fortunately I had antifreeze and water in my car, so Peter pushed the hose back on, I put the fluids in the car and off we go again. Got about another mile and it happened again. Not really surprised since there was no clamp to hold the hose on. But we are very near where a friend of mine lives so I called Kelly. She and her husband Greg showed up with clamp and toolbox in hand and more water. Ten more minutes and we're back on the road. Thank God for friends, not my neighborhood so had no idea where to find an auto parts store.
Mind you, the temp is over 100 on this day.
Finally arrived at the fair grounds, hot and sweaty, but ready to see how we did. After a bit of hike from the parking, we arrived at the Home Arts building! Yea! We split up looking for our entries, I have 5 and Peter has 2. Don't realize how big one of those display barns are until you start looking for a few small items. After a couple of rounds, we discovered Peter's ruana hanging with afghans, sporting a nice blue ribbon for first place. Then we found my afghan, another blue ribbon. Pickles found, no ribbon. Ah, ha! There's Peter scarf proudly displaying a red ribbon for second. Ok! only 3 more entries to find. Right near the main entrance we finally locate my sweater boasting a blue ribbon. Well, the only missing now are my 2 doilies. We looked and looked and looked and they are not to be found. Peter takes off to see if he can find a volunteer who can point us in the right direction while I keep looking. By now Cathy has just stopped, she is so exhausted. Hurrah! I find the doilies about the same time Peter finds someone to ask. They are tucked in the back corner in a glass display case. A blue ribbon for the spiral and nothing for the pineapple.
Not too bad, I have 3 blues and 2 duds, but Peter has a blue and red. These are not the best pics, these old barns aren't designed with the best lighting and I'm not the best photographer particularly when I'm bent over, but you get the idea.