Thursday, June 28, 2007

Latest Fair Entries
Today was the deadline for the Santa Clara County Fair. Penny had said she wanted to enter her molasses cookies, which are yummmm, but when I told her that they had to be delivered by 9:30 a.m. 2 days before the fair opens, she changed her mind. Can't blame her! It's a bit of a drive to San Jose. Maybe next year she can get them in the Alameda County Fair, much closer to home. So, she entered another cross stitch of Indian Baskets and Sunflowers that she made me for my birthday. Love it!
Me-well, as usual, I went just slightly crazy! Bread and Butter pickles, doily, baby afghan, and the awesome blossom hat. Everything is done but the baby afghan and I just started it 2 nights ago. Nothing like a deadline to get those fingers movin'. And this pattern is a stash buster, too. I bought the yarn with another baby afghan in mind, but when I tried it, didn't like the yarn and pattern together, so it has been just sitting there. I'm loving the look of this afghan, but it's not using enuf yarn! Would be a great scrapghan. May have to try the pattern again that way.
Couldn't seem to get registered online for entering the fair, so had to do it the old fashioned way and run to the post office at lunch to mail our entries. Must be postmarked today! Done.

Monday, June 25, 2007

5 Ribbons, 4 entries
Went to the Alameda County Fair yesterday. Boy, was I pleased and surprised that my entries did so well! Just busting my buttons here. Penny says I'm going to be hard to live with, but I've won ribbons before (see the pout).
Ok, here's the rundown. Bread & Butter pickles, 3rd place (white ribbon).
Awesome Blossom Hat from Jean Leinhauser's book 100 Crochet Projects, 2nd place (red ribbon). The Stained Glass Afghan won Blue again! And---drum roll, please---the Bees & Hive filet got not only a Blue ribbon, but a Judge's Special Award for fair theme. Yea! And I almost didn't enter it becuz I found an error as I was packing it to take to the fair grounds. However, I'm sure most people looking at it can't figure out what is so special about it. It is folded so you can't see any of the bees and it's laying flat in a case and you can hardly even see the hive.
There are pics in the County Fairs 2007 album. However, I forgot to load a pic of the beehive laid out so you can see it, but will do that tonite when I get home.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jamil's going to Japan

Jamil is a young man I know that has gone out of his way, many times, to keep my computer up to speed. He helped me buy this machine about 4 or 5 years ago, has spent countless hours completely erasing the hard drive on the old one so I could resell it. He has answered all my questions on how to set up a blog, made me cheat sheets so I could do things myself before the new blogger templates. In fact, he just upgraded my memory (computer, of course) so I would be all set while he is gone. No hope for my memory. Not even Jamil can make it work any better.

He works for Hitachi and they are sending him to Japan for a year. I can't pretend to know what he's doing, but it does have to do with computers and some kind of science. It's a promotion for him and he will get all kinds of good training while he's gone.

To show him just a small appreciation for the things he's done for me, I crocheted this cap and scarf for him. Thought it suited him, as he is professional and trendy (no grunge here). The set is made with a new yarn to me, Caron Simply Soft Shadows. It is soft, but not limp like the Simply Soft Brites. It has one strand of basic color, in this case, navy blue. Then another strand that changes gradually from one shade to another. I really like it, and will probably use it again for another project.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

When my friend Margaret was here in May, we discussed joining CGOA and attending the conference in Oakland in Sept. She lives in Florida, so it's a bit of a trip for her. Well, she is making arrangements to come back here so we can do that. But, she has been up to more than making travel arrangements!
The other day I got an email from CGOA with a Gift Membership from, guess who? Now, I was going to do that, but she beat me to it. Then an envelope arrived from CGOA and in it was the prettiest little membership pin. Think I'll wear it when I go the guild meeting Saturday.
Now, to pick out which classes to take at the conference. Not being independently wealthy, must choose carefully. Can only afford a couple this year, if I want to have anything left over for yarn. The 2 I'm leaning toward right this minute are Crochet Lite, instructor Karen Klemp on Sat, and Crochet with Wire, Nancie Wiseman on Thurs. I have Nancie's book, but haven't done anything with it yet. And the Crochet Lite looks interesting cuz I seem to be into making wearables right now, but most of the patterns call for ww yarn and that just seems to be too bulky and stiff. I have been doing some experimenting w/lighter weight yarns, but why reinvent the wheel if someone has already done it for me.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Contra Costa County Fair
Well, the fair season is in full swing. We went to the CCC fair yesterday. I entered an afghan that will eventually end up in Penny's TV room, along with a doily that I made for the tall boy in my bedroom. After much nagging, Penny entered a cross stitch Indian that she made for me for Xmas last year.
The CCC fair is very small, but we had a really great day. We looked at the animals, ate Polish sausage corn dogs, drank strawberry lemonade, watched people. Finally, had to go see the exhibits. As soon as were in the building, we split up looking for our entries. I think we found them at about the same time.
Much to Penny's surprise & delight, she has a 1st place Blue Ribbon on her cross stitch. She just didn't think it was all that great, no matter what anyone told her. Like most of us, she makes her needlework for love for the ones she loves.
My first thought was kinda disappointment that my afghan didn't win anything. Then Penny said unless there is another Cay from Hayward entered here, you also have a Blue Ribbon. The way the tag was attached, it looked like it belonged with another entry and I didn't even notice it.
But I did notice the big rosette & Yellow Ribbon on my doily. It took Best of Division. WooHoo!! I've never won one of those before. In fact, I was so excited about that I didn't notice the Blue Ribbon on it.
So, 3 entries, 4 awards! Not bad for not entering any county fairs for several years, and Penny's first ever fair.
Now she is really excited about the rest of the season.
You can see the pics in the album County Fairs 2007.